Symposium on complex analysis and geometry

Termin: 05.06.2016 - 11.06.2016
Miejsce: Będlewo
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Kontakt: Żywomir Dinew

The conference "Symposium on complex analysis and geometry" will be held in Będlewo from June 5th to June 11th, 2016. The meeting will cover various topics in complex analysis and elliptic PDE's.

The confirmed speakers are:
  • E. Bedford (Stony Brook)
  • J.-P. Demailly (Grenoble)
  • P. Ebenfelt (San Diego)
  • C. Epstein (Philadelphia)
  • S. Fu (Rutgers)
  • V. Guedj (Toulouse)
  • F. Kutzschebauch (Bern)
  • B. Lamel (Vienna)
  • S. Nemirovski (Moscow)
  • T. Ohsawa (Nagoya)
  • M. Oka (Tokyo)
  • N. Mok (Hong Kong)
  • D.H. Phong (New York)
  • B. Shiffman (Baltimore)
  • N. Shcherbina (Wuppertal)
  • M.-C. Shaw (Notre Dame)
  • G. Szekelyhidi (Notre Dame)
  • A. Teleman (Marseille)
  • A. Tomassini (Parma)
  • V. Tosatti (Northwestern)
  • X. Zhou (Beijing)
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